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Locksmith History - A few interesting pieces.....

{Cartoon Locksmith Ledger Aug. 4 1939}

Cartoon appeared in Locksmith Ledger Aug 4, 1939


{1930 Keychain}


First Flexible Key Chain? - "The Locksmith Directory" - May 1930

Published by The Locksmith Directory - Richmond VA.

Locksmith Guild History

Locksmith Guild Architecture - Rome Italy          
The picture is the cover page for Safe & Vault Technology magazine June 1989. The photo was provided by Dr. Adalberto Biasiotti of Milan, Italy. It is a portion of the ceiling of the Church of St. Eligius in Rome ; the crest in the center represents the Locksmiths Guild, and the church houses six centuries of its history.
This particular issue of Safe & Vault Technology provides more information on the history of the Locksmith Guild, and the origins of the locksmith trade!

Here are a couple of sites created on Antique Locks:

Replacement Locks:

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