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Internet Security Reference

The Internet Security Reference is a collection of on-line searchable database programs, and utility programs for Locksmiths and Security Professionals. Current searchable information, and utilities includes:

Magazine Cross Reference
Search Magazine Articles and turn your library of magazines into a useful resource. Also includes various other indexed material in addition to magazines.
If you have purchased Magazine Cross Reference for Windows, you will be able to download updates for your personal version, and keep it up to date as well.
Keyblank Cross Reference
Constantly updated keyblank information
Lock Manufacturer Space & Depths
Lock Manufacturer Information
Address, Phone#-800#'s, Locksmith Phone #'s/Extensions, Web Links & other pertinent information
Miscellaneous Codes
Code information that has been collected over the years, and submitted information.
Master Key Plus - Web Version
Generate Master Key Systems - Online - currently under construction.

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Key Benefits

[Bullet] Information is readily available via the Internet, and like the Internet, constantly changing.
[Bullet] A real timesaver: Quickly search for information.
[Bullet] No Disks, No Disk Space problems, No waiting on update mailings!
[Bullet] Works with almost any computer that can browse the Internet!

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