Master Key Plus

Create System (F2) Input Screen

System Input Screen

Once the type of system is determined generation information will need to be entered. The following is a listing of abbreviations used on the generations screen:

#GGGGGGMK Highest level Master if needed will be a qty of 1.
#GGGGGMK's- Number of Masters under highest Master Key.
#GGGGMK's - Number of Great-Great-Great Grand Master Keys for each GGGGGMK
#GGGMK's - Number of Great-Great-Grand Master Keys needed for each GGGGMK.
#GGMK's - Number of Great-Grand Master Keys needed for each GGGMK.
#GMK's - Number of Grand-Master Keys needed for each GGMK.
#MK's - Number of Master Keys needed for each GMK.
#CK's - Number of Change Keys needed for each MK.
Small Pin - The Smallest pin length in the system.
Large Pin - The Largest pin length in the system.
MACS - Maximum adjacent cut specification. i.e. Greatest difference allowed.
SF - Manufacturer recommend stepping factor.
Master to generate from:

Enter key code of the highest master in the system. This code will be used to generate the remaining keys in lower levels. The computer will randomly create a master key. If the (ALT-G) key is pressed while in this field the computer will ask for number of pins used in system, and then the key will be displayed.

Randomize order of change keys:

- If (Y) is entered in this field the computer is instructed to mix, or scatter the change keys in a pre-determined random matter which can increase system security. This removes the incremental-type display associated with standard master key systems. The random pattern is based on the master key so the system may be generated again at a later date, if using the same generation information, the exact same system will be created.

Use Rotating constant if applicable:

- If (Y) is entered in this field, and the system is only 2 levels the computer will rotate the chamber used in creating change keys. In some instances this will generate a larger # of change keys.

Proceed to generate System:

- If all information is determined to be correct the program will attempt to create the system requested. If problems arise error messages will be displayed to help solve these problems.

Many more option are available when you press the F2 function key when you are in this system generation page.
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